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PHP Transactional Containers
Transactions are a sequence of operations that must be executed in an atomic way. This means that if one of the operations of the sequence fails, all operations executed previously need to be reverted.

If you use a database server like MySQL or others, they support transactions.

Now, it may be hard to support transactions if you use a data object that may use a database server or not, and you have not anticipated the support for transactions since the beginning.

This package can help add transaction support to an application that uses data objects by adding minimal code to improve the application's robustness.
PHP AJAX Login with JWT and Fetch API
A JSON Web Token (JWT) is a text string with values encoded in the JSON format that stores values that may be signed using cryptography methods, so it can be used to transmit messages verified when the messages reach the destination.

Modern browsers already support the JavaScript Fetch API. Using this API, developers can use a more modern way to send asynchronous requests from browsers to an API running on the Web server side.

This package uses both JWT and the Fetch API to implement a user login and management system that can replace traditional systems that use XMLHttpRequest object support to send AJAX requests to a server-side API implemented in PHP to authenticate and authorize user access securely.
PHP Query Builder Library for Related Tables
Most PHP applications that need to perform database queries to access the application data need to access data in different database tables.

Composing queries that involve multiple tables needs to be done carefully.

Learn about this PHP query builder library for related tables to build and execute queries that involve multiple tables using the PHP PDO extension.
UpMVC PHP CRUD Framework
CRUD is a set of operations that can be performed on database records. Usually include the operations to Create, Retrieve, Update, and Delete records.

Many PHP developers have implemented pages to let users request that CRUD operations be performed on the application database records, for instance, in an application to manage user contacts.

Certain CRUD operations are delicate, so it is better that users confirm these actions before they are executed because the application may not be able to revert them. That is the case of an operation to delete a database record permanently.

UpMVC PHP CRUD Framework is a PHP package that implements CRUD operations. This package can generate HTML with JavaScript to ask the user to confirm the execution of delicate actions before those actions are executed.
Ala PHP API Micro-Framework
Nowadays, many PHP applications are APIs that serve mobile applications.

These applications follow common implementation patterns that make the code of different applications look very similar.

This fact makes the code of this type of application an excellent candidate to be at least in part generated by tools that depart from simple definitions and develop all the code necessary to run the applications.

This package implements a code generation tool that can generate code to implement an API that implements CRUD operations using the Lumen package and the query builder to customize the details of the CRUD operations.

It also generates code to implement the application unit and feature testing to help verify the quality of the API application.
Simple PHP AJAX Load Page Without Refresh
The speed of load of the pages is one factor that determines a site's quality.

AJAX requests can be used to make page loads faster by only retrieving the parts of a page that change when a user clicks on a link or submits a form that makes another page load.

This package provides a JavaScript library to make pages load dynamically using AJAX requests while preserving the browser history of pages, so the user can use the browser back and forward buttons to navigate in the browser page history.
Tamagoshi PHP Cryptocurrency Miner Virtual Pet
Part of the excitement of cryptocurrencies is that people can do a mining process to earn virtual money by working to find more virtual coins.

Usually, this mining work is done by specific software so that it can be automated, and the mining of virtual coins can done faster.

This package implements a game that simulates the cryptocurrency mining process done by a virtual pet.

This game can help people learn more about the cryptocurrency mining process in an educative and fun way.
PHP Shipping Calculator
Many businesses now are selling goods via the Internet with e-commerce systems.

When the goods are physical products, one aspect of the product's cost to the customer is the shipping cost.

The calculation of the shipping costs can be complex, depending on the cost of operation of the shipping carrier company.

This package provides a simple method of calculating shipping costs in PHP code that considers the geographic coordinates of the origin and destination location of the products to be shipped and the cost to deliver the products per kilometer of distance.
PHP Crypto Currency Exchange
Virtual currencies have become very popular among people who like finances since currencies like Bitcoin started to become used to exchange real money with virtual currency money.

Usually, the exchange process between currencies is done by broker companies.

This package implements a simulation of a cryptocurrency broker system.

With more development work, it can evolve into a real cryptocurrency broker system that actual broker companies can use.
PHP Bitcoin Private Key Find
Many people have created wallets to store amounts of virtual currency in Bitcoin and other virtual coins.

Sometimes, the owners of the wallets lose private keys to access those wallets. When that happens, they lose access to the virtual currency amounts stored in their wallets, causing significant financial losses.

This package provides a simple application to guess the private keys of known wallets by generating keys from a list of possible random words that can have been used to create the wallets.

This way, this package provides some hope to recover access to virtual currency wallets that the owners may have lost access due to having lost the wallet's private keys.