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PHP 7.0 is about to be released. We all heard about what will be its new features and improvements. What we don't know yet is how well it will be adopted by the PHP community.

Participate in this survey to tell what are your intentions regarding if and when you plan to adopt PHP 7 in your projects.

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New Major PHP Release, New Features and New Problems

PHP 7 Adoption Survey

Anonymous Survey

Help Spreading about this Survey

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New Major PHP Release, New Features and New Problems

Every new major PHP release is a big event. Everybody in the PHP community seems excited with what PHP 7 has to offer: great performance enhancements, many new features requested by the PHP community since a long time ago, but there will also backwards incompatible changes in some features, as well some extensions will be removed.

So we don't know yet how well PHP 7 will be adopted by the PHP community. Many may want to embrace it right away, some are already using it in their own testing enviroments, but others may need time to adapt their code to work well with PHP 7.

PHP 7 Adoption Survey

The idea of this survey is to have a feeling of the intentions of PHP developers regarding the adoption of PHP 7 in their projects.

The survey consists of 3 simple questions:

1. Are You Going to Use PHP 7 in Production?

This is about if and when you intend to use PHP 7 in live sites owned by your or your customers.

2. Are You Going to Use PHP 7 in your Development Environment?

This is about whether you have already tried or plan to try PHP 7 in your development environment.

3. What is the latest PHP version you are using in production?

What is the highest version of PHP that you are using in your production sites. Use a script with the phpinfo(); function if you are not sure.

Anonymous Survey

This survey is organized using Google Forms. It will prompt you to login with a Google account, so it can track of the responses and prevent that the same person fill the the survey more than once. If you want to correct your answers, just access the survey page again logged with the same Google account.

Despite internally Google will keep track of the accounts used to fill the survey, Google does not disclose the email nor any other details of each person that fills the survey.

The purpose of the survey is gather statistics about the plans of adoption of PHP 7 by the PHP community as a whole, so the personal details of the developers that fill the survey are not relevant.

Announcement of the Results

The plan is to collect the survey results by the time PHP 7.0.0 is released. According to the release schedule, it is planned to be released by October 19, but it may happen in a different day. The intention is to not publish the results before that date.

Help Spreading about this Survey

The more people respond to this survey, the more accurate will be the results regarding the overall intentions of the PHP developers regarding their plans to adopt PHP 7.

So please spread this shortened URL of the PHP 7 adoption survey. As you may see it is easy to remember.

Don't forget to share this URL or this article with your friends and colleague PHP developers. Thank you for your collaboration.

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